How do I develop or subdivide my property? What is the review process for my development project?

There are three types of subdivisions. Each type of review requires a completed application, a site survey by a registered land surveyor, application fee, and completed checklist. 

  • An Administrative Subdivision either moves lot lines and/or merges more than one lot without creating additional lots. This process is done without going to the Planning Board. Minor and Major land development projects or subdivisions must be approved by the Planning Board. 
  • A Minor Subdivision is the division of a lot or adjacent lots that result in no more than five lots and no creation or extension of public streets and requires no waivers or variances (relief from zoning standards). The Planning Board must approve this application. Minor subdivision applications are frequently subject to just one Planning Board meeting. Final Plan is approved administratively. 
  • A Major Subdivision results in more than 5 lots and/or the creation of a new public street. All subdivisions require application to the Planning Department, and the review process is dependent on the type of subdivision requested. The Planning Board must approve a Master Plan and then a more detailed Preliminary Plan. Final Plan is approved administratively. The Planning Board meets the last Wednesday of the month (except December). Applications are due by the first of each month.

See the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations for more information.

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