How can I find information on my property?

The Planning and Community Development Department webpage includes Map Geo, an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) which you can use to look up information for any property in Cumberland. 

By double clicking on a lot, a property card will appear on the left side of your screen. Information there includes: owner, plat and lot number, date last purchased and sale price, acreage area, land use, and land evidence record book and page. 

If you click on “property record card” at the upper left, you can access the information from the Tax Assessor’s office, including: Town appraised value, year built, living area, and structural specifications.

 By clicking on “themes” tab on the upper right you can access aerial photos, unofficial zoning (including local historic districts), potential wetlands, areas under water resource protection, natural hazard areas, areas subject to inundation during a hurricane event, land that is under conservation, and voting districts. 

If you click on “mark up” and then click on “measure” you can measure linear distances by clicking on “line” or areas by clicking on “polygon." 

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