File a Complaint

Please submit all animal related complaints HERE.

If your complaint is regarding a barking dog, please download a Nuisance Noise Complaint log from the Barking Dogs page after you submit your complaint.

How to Report Animal Cruelty:

Try to gather the following information before submitting a report of animal cruelty:

Please write a report of what was observed, including dates and approximate times, to provide to law enforcement. The more thorough the report, the more it will help the investigation. You may submit that report to after you have sent in an online complaint submission.

Take photographs of the situation including the animal and the environment for supporting evidence, if possible. Note: NEVER enter another person’s property without permission and exercise caution.

Record names and contact information of those involved, if known. Also include those who might have firsthand information about the abusive situation.

Reporting a Barking Dog:

To report a noisy animal, the Complainant must provide his or her name, address and phone number; provide the address where the disturbance occurred; provide the date and time when the disturbance occurred; indicate whether the noise qualifies as "incessant" or "intermittent" as explained on our Barking Dogs page; and describe the animal. The initial report should also identify the person responsible for the animal and the property where the animal is kept. Only one complaint will be accepted per household. A complaint should not be submitted unless the violation has been documented by recording the time(s) of the noise and their duration and the Complainant can show the noise is either incessant or intermittent as explained above.