Barking Dogs

Barking dog in your neighborhood?

Before reaching out, take a look at these resources dedicated to what YOU can do to remedy the situation.


Understanding the law:

Each of the following persons (called a "Owner/Guardian" in the Ordinance) can be fined for failing to correct a disturbance caused by a noisy animal:

o The owner of a noisy animal,
o A person with custody or control over a noisy animal,
o The owner of property where a noisy animal is kept, or
o A person with custody or control of property where a noisy animal is kept.

An animal violates the Noisy Animal Ordinance if it causes a disturbance to a person by:

o Making noise for 30 continuous minutes or more ("incessant"), or
o Making noise for 60 minutes off and on during a 24-hour period ("intermittent").

Any incessant or intermittent noise that causes a disturbance, including barking, howling, crying, or baying, violates the Ordinance.

Barking Dog Definition: 

Barking dog : Means a dog that barks, bays, cries, howls, or makes any noise audible beyond the boundaries of the property on which the dog is situated for an extended period of time to the disturbance of any person at any time of day or night. Such extended period of time shall consist of incessant barking, baying, crying, howling, or making of any noise for 30 minutes or more in any 24-hour period, or intermittent barking, baying, crying, howling, or making any noise for 60 minutes or more during a 24-hour period.

Reporting a Barking Dog:

To report a noisy animal, the Complainant must provide his or her name, address and phone number; provide the address where the disturbance occurred; provide the date and time when the disturbance occurred; indicate whether the noise qualifies as "incessant" or "intermittent" as explained above; and describe the animal. The initial report should also identify the person responsible for the animal and the property where the animal is kept. Only one complaint will be accepted per household. A complaint should not be submitted unless the violation has been documented by recording the time(s) of the noise and their duration and the Complainant can show the noise is either incessant or intermittent as explained above.

Click HERE to download a Nuisance Noise Complaint log.

*Please fill out an online complaint submission prior to completing this log.

Barking dog exemptions:

  1. Teasing / Taunting

  2. Injury or In Distress

  3. Wildlife Provocation

  4. Trespassing

  5. Kennels Licensed Within the Town

Please note: 

  • Video recordings must be date stamped, timed and marked at the spot where the nuisance barking incident occurred. The reporting party should be careful not to infringe on the dog owner’s privacy rights in the course of obtaining any visual evidence.
  • In order to issue a citation for a violation of the barking ordinance/resolution we require evidence of at least (30) minutes of unprovoked barking within a 24 hour period. Video or audio evidence is generally required for proof of nuisance barking.
  • If the barking continues, the reporting party may provide evidence of continuing nuisance barking violations. With sufficient evidence of a new violation, our officer may issue a citation with progressive consequences to encourage compliance.
  • If we are not contacted after we issue an official bark warning, we will assume the problem has been solved and take no further action.