Dog Licensing

Dogs Licenses

Every dog owner or keeper of a dog is required to license their dog(s) annually. Dog licenses must be renewed by May 1st. Residents are allowed three dogs per household, except as permitted by the Cumberland Chief of Police. If you are new to the Town or get a new dog you should register for a new license without delay.

Dog licenses may be obtained through the Town Clerk's Dog Licensing Portal. Proof of a valid rabies certificate is required at the time of registration and you will be required to upload the document into the portal. The licensing fee will also be due at this time.


Description of FeeFee Amount
Annual License and Renewal Fee$6 plus $1 Postage
Replacement Tags
Late Fee (Imposed for renewals received after May 1st)

Kennel License

Kennel Licenses are required for every owner or keeper of pedigree dogs for breeding and stud purposes only. Kennels must be operated exclusively in agriculturally zoned areas with setbacks from all abutting property of not less than one hundred feet. No more than ten dogs shall be kept at any licensed kennel within the Town. After receiving the application, the Town Clerk shall refer the matter to the Animal Control Department for inspection and recommendation as to whether the kennel is in accordance with all regulations. Upon such findings, the Town Clerk may issue a kennel license authorizing the owner or keeper to hold the kennel in the specified location.


Description of Fee
Fee Amount
Annual License and Renewal Fee March 1st
Application Fee Non-Refundable