Trash & Recycling

Trash pick-up takes place in Cumberland Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays that fall on a week day, on those days, pickup follows the holiday schedule. If a holiday falls on your trash pick-up day, your trash will be picked up the very next day. All pickups for the rest of the week will also be one day later. (Friday’s pickup will be on Saturday).

Services Of Interest:

Bulky household items are picked up by MTG Disposal (MEGA) every Tuesday on a weekly basis by appointment only. These items are considered larger household trash items that cannot be placed in your trash cart. Typical items include couches and small furniture items - residents are limited to two items per week. 

Large items such as mattresses, box springs, construction debris, televisions/electronics, or white goods/appliances are not considered bulky items and require a different method of disposal. 

To register for a bulky item pickup, residents can fill out the online bulky item registration form or call the department at 401-728-2400 x155. Scheduling must occur by the Thursday at 1:00 PM prior to the scheduled Tuesday pick-up date.

Reminders: Acceptable & Unacceptable Recyclable Items

Acceptable Items

  • Paper, flattened cardboard, cartons
  • Metal cans, lids, and foil
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic containers

All containers must be emptied at a minimum, but we ask that you rinse them out when able to do so.

Unacceptable Items

  • No plastic bags
  • No textiles or wools
  • No paper shreds, napkins, or paper towels
  • No foam containers
  • No metal that isn't a can, lid, or foil
  • No plastic that isn't a container

Bulky Item Signup

  1. By filling out this form you are signing up for the 03/12 pickup.

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    If the item you wish to have picked up is not on this list of options, please call the trash and recycling department (401-728-2400 x155) to confirm eligibility and schedule a pickup. 

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