Town Clerk

The Town Clerk's Office supports the town council; handles land, birth, marriage, and death records, as well as probate and municipal courts; and also handles Open Records requests. Staff from the Clerk's office also handle the switchboard and direct residents to the appropriate departments. 


Online Land Evidence Records

Town of Cumberland Land Records are now available online via our Records Portal.

Recorded Land index and images are available from 1988 to the present. However, images from 1988 to 1990 are sporadic. Images before 1988 are being added as they become available.


A charge will be incurred for printing and/or downloading images. Access to the records may be provided by a subscription fee and/or a per-page fee.

How to File a Claim

The Town of Cumberland accepts petitions for claims for damages resulting from Town negligence. The Town considers claims for damages to mailboxes caused by Town plows, to tires caused by potholes on Town-owned roads, and other similar damages.

The Finance Subcommittee reviews and approves claims on behalf of the Town. Relevant departments are asked to provide comments to the Finance Subcommittee, so they have as much information as possible.

The Town cannot accept petitions for damages that occur on state roads. Visit the Rhode Island Department of Transportation website or call them at 401-222-2450 to inquire about damages caused by potholes or state plows on state roads. There is a very limited time period within which you may file a claim; we encourage you to act quickly.

See the Petition for Claim of Property and/or Vehicle Damage (PDF) for further information and the claim form.

Public Records Requests:

Please be advised that the Town of Cumberland cannot require that a records request be on the Town of Cumberland’s form or otherwise be written if the request is readily identifiable as a public records request. This form is provided solely for your convenience.

NOTE: If you chose to pick up the records but did not include identifying information on this form (name, etc.), please inform the Town Clerk of the date you made the request, the records requested, and the request number. Thank you.

Access to Public Records Request Form

  1. Access to Public Records Request Form

    The Town of Cumberland has adopted the following procedures for the public to request and obtain public records pursuant to the Access to Public Records Act ("APRA") (R.I. Gen. Laws §38-2-1, et. seq.).

    1.    Requests for records must be directed to the Solicitor’s Office, which is the Department designated to handle these matters, except as provided in paragraph 4. The mailing address is Town of Cumberland, APRA Request’s, 45 Broad Street, Cumberland, RI 02864. Requests may also be hand delivered to the Solicitor’s Office or emailed to To reach us by telephone please call (401) 728-2400, however, verbal requests for records will not be accepted.

    2.    The Solicitor’s Office regular business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. If you email a request after business hours, the request will be deemed received on the next business day.

    3.    You are not required to provide identification or the reason you seek records, and your right to access public records will not depend upon providing identification or reasons.

    4.    In order to ensure that you are provided with the public records you seek in an expeditious manner, we ask that you complete the Public Records Request Form located on the Town's website,  or otherwise submit your request in writing. A written form is not required if you are seeking records available pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act or other documents prepared for or readily available to the public.

    5.    Please be advised that the APRA allows a public body ten (10) business days to respond, which can be extended an additional twenty (20) business days for good cause. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

    6.    If, after review of your request, the Town determines that the requested records are exempt from disclosure for a reason set forth in the APRA, the Town reserves the right to claim such exemption.

    7.    The Town may charge a fee of fifteen cents ($.15) per page for copies and/or fifteen dollars ($15.00) per hour, after the first hour, for the search and/or retrieval of records. Please be advised that for purposes of search and retrieval costs, multiple requests made by you within thirty (30) days shall be considered one (1) request.

    8.    The Town of Cumberland is not obligated to produce for inspection or copying records that are not in the possession of the Town of Cumberland. The Town is also not required to reorganize, consolidate, or compile data that is not maintained by the Town in the form requested.

    9.    Additional copies of these Guidelines and the request form are available on the Town's website.

    10.    The Town of Cumberland is committed to providing you with public records in an expeditious and courteous manner. However, if you feel that you have been denied access to public records, you have the right to file a review petition with the Mayor's Office or the Department of the Attorney General. 

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