Tax Assessor


A Statistical Revaluation of all Cumberland properties is performed every three years and Full Revaluations every nine years. A Statistical Revaluation reviews sales data and makes changes in value based on those sales. Some fieldwork is required but is mostly limited to exterior inspections.

During a Full Revaluation, property and selected businesses undergo exterior and interior inspections. These inspections determine if the data contained in the Tax Assessor’s Office is accurate. Based on a Sale Review, property values may be updated. The Revaluation Cycle and Process are mandated by Rhode Island General Law Chapter 44-5. The Town of Cumberland underwent a full revaluation in 2023.


Cumberland provides exemptions to the elderly, disabled, qualified veterans, and others to reduce their property taxes. For new Cumberland residents, applications for exemptions from taxation must be filed no later than December 31st to be eligible for the subsequent billing year.

For those exemptions that require income data, the exemption application deadline is March 15th.

For further information, see our Tax Exemptions ordinance (PDF).

Exemption Forms