Senior Center

Our Mission Statement:

The Cumberland Senior Center is a caring center committed to providing an array of quality services to Enrich & Educate our senior citizens. We encour- age all individuals to achieve a lifestyle in which they can remain an active and productive member of the community. We are responsive to the needs of our senior citizens & offer up-to-date quality of life programs and encourage all members to participate.

Join the Senior Center

The Cumberland Senior Center is committed to providing an array of quality services to our senior citizens. We encourage and assist individuals in achieving a lifestyle so they can continue to be active and productive members of the community.

Membership Fees

For $8 per year, you can join the Cumberland Senior Center and enjoy companionship, trips around the state, a game of billiards, and BINGO Fridays. For non-residents, the annual membership fee is $12.


Programs on a variety of educational, informational, and recreational topics for senior citizens are offered throughout the year.

The senior van is available for many uses, including center pickup and drop-offs and local shopping and appointments. Advanced reservations are required and are made by calling 401-334-2555, ext. 104.

The Billiard Room is open daily for members’ enjoyment.

Daily Lunches

Lunches are $3 and served daily at 11:30 am. Call 401-334-2555 ext. 103 to register for lunch. View a printout of the current monthly menu (PDF), or find a copy at the Center.


View the current edition of the Senior Center's Monthly Newsletter.


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