Traffic Calming

Our primary goal is to ensure Cumberland is a safe community to live, work, and play. One of the ways in which we’re seeking to do this is through the implementation of a formalized Traffic Calming Policy

This policy has been developed to establish a structured process through which the Town can respond to and address residents’ concerns regarding these traffic issues on Town maintained residential streets.


The purpose of the policy is to verify a concern once it is brought to the Town’s attention, evaluate it against set criteria, rank it against other known locations in Town, provide recommendations to address the issue and determine the effectiveness of the recommendations that are implemented.

Initial Steps

Initial steps Include:

  •  Report the Problem by filling out the request form listed in the policy.
  • Complete a neighborhood petition.
  • Attend a Traffic Management meeting to discuss data and findings.

Completed Studies

A traffic study measuring vehicle speed and volume has been conducted on each of the following streets. The results from those studies can be seen below.


Provided here is a list of legislation proposed to the Town Council relative to the Traffic Management Group.

Town Council Presentations