Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Checks

How to Receive VIN Checks

**ALL vehicles coming into RI from out of state, REGARDLESS OF MODEL YEAR, require a VIN check from a local municipal police department (New state law, effective Jan 1, 2024).

*** Effective March 1, 2024:  ORIGINAL COPY of TITLE must be presented; copies or electronic images of the title will not be accepted! (Visit the RI DMV website for more information at Welcome | RI Division of Motor Vehicles)

VIN Checks can be completed:


Monday:   1:15pm - 3:30pm

Tuesday through Friday:   8:15am - 11:30am and 1:15pm - 3:30pm

Cumberland Safety Complex
1379 Diamond Hill Road
Cumberland, RI  02864

To ensure the VIN Clerk is in the office, feel free to call 401-333-2500, ext. 3200, or email the clerk.

Items Needed for VIN Check

  • Title (ORIGINAL*)
  • The vehicle being inspected
  • Proof of Residency
  • Credit Card (preferred form of payment)
    • $15 - Cumberland Residents
    • $20 - Non-Residents

Diagram Showing the Meaning of Each Letter/Number in a Vehicle Identification NumberUnderstanding Your VIN

  • 1st Digit - County
  • 2nd Digit - Manufacturer
  • 3rd Digit - Vehicle Type
  • 4th Digit - Body Type
  • 5th Digit - Engine
  • 6th Digit - Series
  • 7th Digit - Restraint
  • 8th Digit - Model
  • 9th Digit - Check Digit
  • 10th Digit - Model Year
  • 11th Digit - Plant
  • 12th through 17th Digits - Sequential Number